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Healthy Snack Ideas for Bloggers

Healthy Snack Ideas for Bloggers

As a blogger you’ll often find yourself at home, by yourself. This can be dangerous territory if your prone to snacking. Be aware of this and have healthy snacks on hand.

Make a blog post with your favorite healthy snack

You’re a blogger! What better thing to do than to make some delicious, healthy snacks and blog about them! Not only will you have great blog post with original photos but you’ll also benefit from the healthy snacks. It’s a win-win situation.

Variety is the spice of life

No matter how much you love a snack, you won’t have the same love for it by day 30. You don’t have to go searching through cookery books. Utilise the blogs of your fellow bloggers. Find some recipes that you like and swap things up. Be sure to take the time to comment on relevant blog posts and reach out to the blogger who posted the recipe. It’s a good way of connecting with others and it’s always lovely to hear good feedback when someone tries one of your recipes.

A few ideas

Here are a few ideas of snacks that are a great option:

  • a smoothie
  • a hard boiled egg
  • some fruit
  • a piece of toast with nut butter or avocado
  • an apple and almond butter or peanut butter
  • rice cakes topped with guacamole
  • a handful of nuts or olives
  • cubes of cheese and grapes
  • greek yogurt with honey
  • vegetable sticks and hummus
  • granola bars
  • protein balls


We often choose what to eat based on what’s convenient. If you want a quick snack, you don’t want to take half an hour making it. When you do you shop make sure you include some healthy snack items.

Lots of items can then be prepped and left in the fridge. Such as chopping and pepper and carrots, washing grapes, etc. That way they’re already for when you want them. If you want to make a recipe, choose a day where you don’t have much else to do . The snacks you make can then be frozen or popped in the fridge for you to have over the rest of the week. Your future self will thank you for putting in a little effort now!

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