How to Set Up a Blog on a Budget

How to Set Up a Blog on a Budget

Don’t let a lack of funds be an obstacle in setting up your blog. You need, relatively, little money to set up a blog. There are just a couple of items that you must pay for and quite often there are options to suit every pocket.

Domain Name

You’ve decided you want to set up a blog and what it will be about. Now it’s time to find the perfect name. You’ll need to probably have a whole host of names running through your head or you might have set your heart on just one name. You need to check if your name is available and if it is how much will it cost you?

Head to a website like GoDaddy or NameCheap and enter the names your thinking about. It will come up saying if the name is available to buy or if it is taken. You need to find a name that is available for you to buy.

Once you have the name then you can shop around to see which website has a deal or a code available. I tend to stick with buying domain names through Name Cheap as I find them very competitive and you get free privacy protection


There are lots of great hosting companies out there. Quite often the best deals are when you pay for a year upfront. If don’t have a years worth of membership to hand, then by all means pay for this on a monthly basis.

With the hosting packages the cheapest are to host one site but if you’re planning on opening another site then look at all the packages to see what will suit your needs the best.

I like Site Ground as they have some great packages and provide an SSL certificate for each site for free. Lyrical are another great company. The best company for you will be the one who has the package that is best suited to your needs.


There are some beautiful themes out there and the best news is that WordPress provide lots of themes free. Take your time and look through all the free themes and find one that you think suit your blog the best. You don’t have to fork out money for a theme as there really are some great one.


If you’re good at capturing images then using your own images will really make your site unique and stand out. But sometimes, taking your own images just isn’t practical. You have to be very careful what images you use online as they are subject to copyright. However, there are companies such as Pixabay or Pexels that provide images for you to use for free.


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