Three Tech Tip To Successful Blogging

Three Tech Tip To Successful Blogging

You don’t have to be a tech whizz to be successful at blogging. But there are a whole array of tech resources out there that can help boost your blog. Here are 3 tips that will help:

1. Apply SEO Techniques to Increase Traffic & Ranking

There are many SEO techniques that can be applied to a blog site. The following are some of them:

  1. Use keyword phrases in headlines that readers will see on their search engine results page and click on.
  2. Create content by using keyword phrases that the reader is most likely to search for, instead of simply writing about your topic of choice.
  3. Use keywords in your image file names so they show up when people do a search for those words on Google images or other sites that allow images to be searched for by file name.
  4. Put a keyword as the first or last word in your headline so it appears at the top of Google’s listings when someone searches for it, but make sure you don’t overdo it or you’ll look like you want to manipulate rankings

2. Make Your Blog Attractive

Nothing will put a reader off quicker than if they don’t like the look of your blog. You might have fantastic content, but if your blog is hard to navigate and doesn’t attract the readers eye you might as well give up now.

Nowadays it is very easy to create beautiful, well laid out blogs. There are a whole host of free and paid for themes that you can access at a click of a button. Do your research. Have a look at other bloggers websites. Which ones have the best flow? Is there a particular layout that you’re really drawn to? At the bottom of most blogs it will tell you which theme they are using.

Take time thinking about your brand. You can employ someone to design your logo or you can design your own. Whatever you do try to make your brand stand out and be instantly recognisable. Carry the colours of your logo throughout the rest of your blog.

3. Don’t Fall Victim to Vanity Metric Syndrome (Blog’s ROI)

You’ve poured your sweat, tears and soul into setting up your blog and investing your time to it. You’re desperate to see your readers grow, to see your domain authority increase etc. Bloggers can get addicted to checking their metrics.

Vanity Metric Syndrome is a very real issue that many bloggers have fallen victim to. It’s easy to get caught up in the numbers and statistics that are making you look good but you shouldn’t lose sight of what’s really important: why you set your blog up in the first place!

Vanity Metrics are metrics that only measure the quantity of a specific activity, such as page views, followers and likes, without considering quality. It is important to use both vanity metrics and real metrics (such as conversions/sales/interactions) to see how well your blog is performing overall.

Online content creators use vanity metrics to measure the success of their work. This can lead to self-defeating behaviors like publishing articles too often or writing about irrelevant topics.

By all means keep an eye on your metrics but stay true to why you set out on this blogging journey in the first place. By getting too wrapped in metrics, you risk alienating your audience. Above all have fun and enjoy what you do – let that be reflected in your writing.

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